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Crax™ is our easy on, easy off interchangeable Jam Crack Panel System that provides Gyms the same versatility and variety as face climbing holds. “Crax” Panels allow crack climbs to be installed virtually anywhere on a gym wall surface using existing T-Nut holes. We have modularized cracks!


There are two parts to the Crax Panel:

1) BASE: The Crax Base panel provides a platform for our interchangeable Crax Pods.  Base panels attach to gym wall surfaces using an existing grid of T-Nut holes and/or wood screws.  The Base panels may be left in place so you can easily change Pods to different crack size configurations featuring beginner to expert difficulty ratings.

2) Crax Pods are completely interchangeable jam crack panels that bolt quickly into each Crax Base. Crax Pods allow gyms to provide climbers with an almost infinite variety of crack climbing experiences!  Pods may be linked together to replicate natural cracks in a wide range of widths and sizes: Finger Tips to Off-Width.

When climbers or course setters are ready for a change, Crax Pods can be interchanged or even inverted to give a new jam crack experience!

Crax Products

The Crax System – Panels are easy to bolt on and fit almost any Gym wall surface.

Individual Crax Volume Panels: $795

(Includes Base and Crack Pod – your choice of size)


Crack Pod only: $295 each

Having extra interchangeable Crack Pods allows you to change from a finger crack to a fist crack in minutes – without having to remove the Base volume.

3 Panel Set – Special Price: $1,995

(Includes 3 Bases and 3 Crack Pods)

A set of three (3) of our interchangeable volume Crax Panels forms a 12’ wall-mounted crack section. Perfect to add to existing Gym Boulders, or attach to Gym wall surfaces with T-nut holes. The angle of the wall you mount Crax Panels changes the difficulty of each crack. We recommend mounting the first Crax Panel at least 24”-30” above the floor/gym mat surface and placing your Crax System inside a Top Rope area. Install in 12’, 24’, 36’, 48’, or 60’ continuous lengths.

To add height, order additional sets of Crax Panels at our 3 Panel Set price. Install Crax panels to the ceiling of your gym. Crax Panel Systems can be mounted parallel from each other; creating fun double crack sequences, or offset to form interesting crack problem combinations.

Call us for special package pricing.

Select the Crax Base Size:

__ 6” Crax Base – For Tips, Fingers, and Thin Hands.

  • FINGER TIPS – 5/8”-3/4”
  • FINGERS – 3/4 ”– 1 1/2”
  • THIN HANDS – 1 1/2” – 2” 

__ 10” Crax Base – Hands, Fists, and Off-width.

  • HANDS – 2”-3”
  • FIST – 3”-4 1/2”
  • OFF-WIDTH – 4 ½” – 5”

Crax Panels can be inverted, giving you two crack climbs in one!

Select a Base Color, then match to a Pod Texture to create spectacular crack climbs for your Gym.

Select a Crax Base Color




Our unique texture coat provides the right balance of friction and comfort while jamming. Engineered for tough, durable use. One year product guarantee.

Select a Crax Pod Texture




Crax Difficulty Ratings

A Crax Panel in a vertical (or less than vertical) wall configuration will provide the easiest levels of difficulty regardless of crack sizes. Finger Tips and off-width will generally be more difficult. As the angle of a wall increases, the jam crack moves will become increasingly more difficult.


Crax “Pod” Exchange Program

Want to try new Crack problems? Jam Walls will exchange your old Crax Pod for a new one of your choice and we will give you 35% off your order!

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